Andreas Moser besuchte die Biliklasse

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

The 9th grade Bilingual Geography class welcomed a very special guest on May 28th, 2019. Andreas Moser is a German Human Rights lawyer who had actively supported the protests in Iran in 2009. Mr. Moser shared his personal story of the protests, including his capture and imprisonment by Iranian police, described how the experience had changed both his professional and personal life, and taught him to rethink his priorities. When asked if he regretted having participated in the protests Mr. Moser replied that he did not, and, despite the torture and imprisonment he experienced, he still believed that “most of the people in this world are good people”. “What is your association when you hear the name ‘Neda’?”asked one girl. She was referring to the HBO documentary “For Neda”, in which Mr. Moser is featured as a Human Rights Lawyer. Neda is the young Iranian woman, whose death during the protests in 2009 was filmed and subsequently shared on social media, garnering worldwide attention. “Memories. Good memories of good people who stand up and fight for what they believe in even though they live in a totalitarian regime”, answered Moser. Andreas Moser is a global citizen and hasn’t called a place ‘home’ for longer than a year or two. He spends his time travelling the world and writing about his adventures. All of his stories about remote countries and their people fascinated the students and left a lasting impression. Andreas, thank you for allowing us to see the world through your eyes and best of luck for your future travels!

Mrs Northam and the Bilingual Geography Class

Bilingualer Unterricht an der MRS


Seit dem Schuljahr 2010 /11 bietet unsere Schule bilingualen Unterricht an. Je nach Unterrichtssituation können die Fächer Biologie, Erdkunde, Geschichte, Sport und IT in den Klassenstufen 7 -9 unterichtet werden.

Bilingualer Sachfachunerricht bedeutet, dass der Unterricht in einem der genannten Sachfächern in der Fremdsprache Englisch unterrichtet wird.

Im Vordergrund  stehen dabei nicht das Fremdsprachenlernen, sondern die fachlichen Inhalte des Unterrichts, die in der Fremdsprache erarbeitet werden und über die sachorientiert kommuniziert werden.

Die Schüler lernen also nicht die Fremdsprache, sondern in der Fremdsprache!

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